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The desires possessed by the Sagittarius female are quite fiery, he loves her passion and she likes the gentle approaches of him.

He adds to the sensitive style of love making while she adds a lot of fun to their oneness.

He adores her fun loving nature and is always there with her to participate in all her adventures.

A Sagittarius woman is a very independent woman with a particular charm and an outspoken nature.

Although, he might not be the picture perfect of Sagittarius girl’s dreams, but he surely impress her with his quiet gait.

There may be times when she feels suffocated under the dictated guidance of her Cancer guy and needs to release herself as she hates being lead.

When the Fire and Water make their way to intimate relationship, there is warmth that is blessed with power of sensuality and passion between the Cancer man and Sagittarius woman.

The sexual chemistry between them is very intoxicating.

He watches with tremendous delight, and envy, as her fingers trace little circles across the silk, slowly making their way to his body. At the same time she is lost in her next fantasy and her heart pounds just at the thought of doing it. But her Cancer man gets even more thrilled at this sight.

It brings him considerable pleasure to fondle, caress, and explore her body.

With the warmth of Fire and the coolness of Water their home is a blend of peace and passion at the same time where laughter and happiness prevails to be never separated from their forms.

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