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Just enjoy the life we have and do it with integrity. Because a person of a certain ethnic catagory prefers a certain style of music, does that by definiting mean that they are guilty of discrimination against the music of another ethnic group?Preference, likes/dislikes - personal rather than social, unless you determine that the social law of attraction should supersede your own. I don't analyze why I am attracted to women of my own race; it's just they way it is, and I really don't care what anybody else's opinions are; but I won't be pigeonholed into being a bigot for it.Ben Franklin once attempted to limit German immigration because we were so frugal, he claimed that we would throw the American economy out of whack - I can definately relate to that. I can appreciate -40 below, but African Americans are apparently slightly more sane as I can count every black person in the county on one hand and have fingers left over.

I like someone who's culture is not too different from my own. Native American (Red)YES PLEASEWhy limit yourself when there are so many women of so many varieties out there! "#3) A study was done that proved that mixed race children are more resilent and attractive.i think having a preference is totally acceptable. When I have the examples of Hale berry and Woopi Goldberg I just want to give an example that being "gorgeous" or "ugly" comes in any race.

I have a hard enough time understanding white guys, let alone differences in culture and upbringing too. Thank you ladies of the world for being so beautiful and all so different in your own ways ... Im sorry Boricua Papi, but thats a load of s hit, discrimination is generally based on a lack of knowledge/disliking to certain ethnicities, Preference IMO is personal attraction and to each individual its different. Those "general standards" to which I make references are general conceptions of beauty people have without having in consideration "character", "intelligence", "attitude", ect, etc...

I'm German, Danish and Swedish and I have a fairly close ties to my ethnic backgrounds.

Growing up in northern Minnesota, many people still spoke their "native" tounge, that they grew up speaking at home. Communities still show their ethnic roots and still maintain large racial majorities - whether it be Swedish, German or Norweigian.

I personally discriminate daily if not by the hour.

I have "discriminating tastes" Please stop hijacking the English language by demonizing words that ought not be demonized. If someone doesn't like a particular ethnicity because of their features/skin colour etc, yes thats discrimination.Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc.Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing... SDWhen it comes to friends, I could care less if your pink, brown or blue.I was accused of being a racist before by a black coworker when I wouldn't show him any interest in going out with him.It wasn't because he was black, it was because he was old, disgusting, and ugly.Because, those are the people I grew up closest to. although, yes, Mixed race children are REALLY cute...

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