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I never really understood why they would choose to do that, but now I kind of do!

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We were looking at a rack of jewelry and he hadn’t ever really gotten my style before, but he said he was up for the challenge. We now refer to this as “The Shopping Game” and it is so fun.

We have enjoyed playing it at all different stores and my sweetheart has gotten a little better at this game over the years.

And because no date night is complete without dessert…

don’t forget to check your Target shopping list and grab a sweet treat to eat.

But we’ve taken this simple shopping date idea up a notch and provided a few games and challenges to make it more exciting!

Just like any other date, you can plan it in advance and send your spouse an invite to give them a little anticipation. It’s the name given in parts of Western Norway to yeast used in the local tradition of farm brewing, it looks to be derived from an Old Norse word meaning “kindling”, as if the kveik kindled the fire in the brew, and it is apparently related to the English word “quick” in the sense of “alive”.In particular, kveik is NOT the Norwegian equivalent of Saison.Or for a last minute date, download the digital Target Date invite and send them a text.This still lets your spouse know what’s on your mind for date night in a fun way! It was our 4th anniversary, we were out window shopping and my hubby came up with this game and we’ve enjoyed playing it ever since!Kveik is just one of half a dozen or so terms for “yeast” used in Norway, the others including barm (also found in Britain, of course), gjaer, gjest (from the same root as “yeast”) and gong, with kveik limited to the south-west of the country, but competing, even there, with the latter three words, which all had wider distribution.

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