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The caves were caused to be excavated by royal patronage and the feudatories under the Vakatakas as illustrated by the inscriptions found in the caves. However, Hieun Tsang, the famous Chinese traveller who visited India during the first half of 7th century A. has left a vivid and graphic description of the flourishing Buddhist establishment here even though he did not visit the caves. The main theme of the paintings is the depiction of various Jataka stories, different incidents associated with the life of Buddha, and the contemporary events and social life also.

Varahadeva, the minister of Vakataka king Harishena (A. 475-500) dedicated Cave 16 to the Buddhist Sangha while Cave 17 was the gift of a prince (who subjugated Asmaka) feudatory to the same king. The ceiling decoration invariably consists of decorative patterns, geometrical as well as floral.

Then the surface was finally finished with a thin coat of lime wash.

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Go anywhere, be anyone, do anything, you cannot escape the pride that you feel whenever someone mentions the word ‘India’.

If culture and heritage were a currency, we would be the richest country in world. ‘Sone ki Chidiya’ (The Golden Sparrow) as it was lovingly and popularly known as attracted the attention of colonists and conquerors from all over the world and metamorphosed through centuries of wars, conquests and peace keeping eras!

It is this beauty that attracts thousands of tourists, students and curious architects to the country over and over again!

This world Heritage Day take a tour of the most beautiful and ingenious examples of Indian craftsmanship!

The location of this valley provided a calm and serene environment for the Buddhist monks who retreated at these secluded places during the rainy seasons. In all, total 30 excavations were hewn out of rock which also include an unfinished one. 9, 10, 19, 26, and 29) are chaityagrihas and the rest are viharas.

This retreat also provided them with enough time for furthering their religious pursuits through intellectual discourses for a considerably longer period. In date and style also, these caves can be divided into two broad groups.Here are 12 Unforgettable Las Vegas Wedding Venues Water-logging at Andaman’s Port Blair Airport Delays 9 Flights Acropolis of Athens: Stunning Images of the Ancient Greek Citadel Will Take You Back in Time The Grand Canyon: Where Time Stands Still How to Reach Shoja in Himachal Pradesh by Road, Train and Flight Aru Valley in Jammu and Kashmir is Calling Out to You!VIEW PICS Seaplane Services to Be Introduced on Uttarakhand’s Tehri Lake to Boost Tourism No Water in Shimla for 7 Days: Here’s What You Can Do To Help!These caves are datable to the pre-Christian era, the earliest among them being Cave 10 dating from the second century B. The object of worship is a stupa here and these caves exhibit the imitation of wooden construction to the extent that the rafters and beams are also sculpted even though they are non-functional. The second phase departs from the earlier one with the introduction of new pattern in layout as well as the centrality of Buddha image, both in sculpture as well as in paintings The world famous paintings at Ajanta also fall into two broad phases. The headgear and other ornaments of the images in these paintings resemble the bas-relief sculpture of Sanchi and Bharhut. The specimen of these exemplary paintings of Vakataka period could be noticed in cave nos. The variation in style and execution in these paintings also are noticed, mainly due to different authors of them.The addition of new excavations could be noticed again during the period of Vakatakas, the contemporaries of the Imperial Guptas. The earliest is noticed in the form of fragmentary specimens in cave nos. The second phase of paintings started around 5th 6th centuries A. A decline in the execution is also noticed in some paintings as indicated by some rigid, mechanical and lifeless figures of Buddha in some later period paintings.Through all of these, one thing that has remained constant is the architectural and artistic prowess of the masters.

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