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If you’re like others in Maine who grew wary of the dating scene in the area, you don’t have to subject yourself to the hours of boring conversation, crowded dance floors, and lame pick-up lines from drunkards.Instead, you can experience the laid back atmosphere that only a free online dating website can provide.So many people are abandoning the idea that online dating is only for the desperate or the un-dateable and embracing the wealth of possibilities that are just a few clicks away.

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Everyone knows everyone and we need to get over it.

Acknowledge it, acknowledge how weird it is, and move on. This isn’t the 90s and online dating isn’t porn (Tinder excluded). If you have ever wondered how that nerdy girl landed that super cool boyfriend, she took a chance and messaged him on Ok Cupid.

Both he and she gave me a high-five as they sat down at a nearby table.

My date, who is “from away,” was mystified to hear that the guy was a recent ex-boyfriend of mine and the girl was the one he dated directly after me.

If a new prospective date is known for a highly visible argument or bad behavior during a tough breakup, give them the benefit of the doubt.

Get to know them before writing off their actions as part of their character.Last week I was on a steamy date with a super sweet guy.We were snuggled in at the bar of a crowded restaurant and halfway through a heated discussion about the quality of the post-trilogy Indiana Jones mini series “The Young Indiana Jones” when a cute couple walked by.In NYC, San Fran, or LA you can easily hide behind knowing that a questionable first date with a cougar you met on Plentyof Fish will never be seen by friends, and you can completely avoid an ex simply by moving to a new neighborhood or keeping a wide berth from their fave locales. There are three harsh realities that keep many people from fully committing to dating in Maine.And they are facts people cling to like life preservers as excuses for being alone forever.Simply upload your profile and start talking to single women and men in Maine.

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