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on Thursday to await her court hearing in the Night Court, which was scheduled to start at 5 p.m.

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The 492 passengers were temporarily housed near Brixton in London.

Over the following decades some 500,000 came to the UK.

'Then you are asking us for this information when you know you have destroyed it'.

June 22, 1948 - The Empire Windrush passenger ship docked at Tilbury from Jamaica.

Windrush scandal victims today described their disgust at being told they would be deported despite arriving as babies, having parents with British citizenship and even working for the NHS for years.

Glenda Caesar worked at a GP practice for 16 years having come to the UK as a six-month-old baby from Dominica but was suddenly told she had to leave and said today: 'Why am I not British? 'Her friend Sonia Williams arrived in England from Barbados at age 13 in 1975 but within two years she lost her job, had her driving licence cut up and told she would be thrown out of Britain.

Jamaica's prime minister has said Britain must allow people wrongly deported in the Windrush scandal back to the UK to restore their 'dignity' and give them 'justice'.

Andrew Holness met Theresa May in Downing Street yesterday but she had been unable to say how many people had been deported.

Hours after being arrested for unlawful wounding and issuing threats, Desrine Morris was found hanging by her blouse in the holding area of the Half-Way Tree Police Station.

The Corporate Communications Unit of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) said Morris was taken to the lock-up around p.m.

He said: 'We have to ensure those who have been deported have a process to come back.'My view is that if there is an acceptance there should be a process of restoration. Sonia Williams, who arrived in Britain from Barbados in 1975 as a child, lost her job in 2014 and struggled to get a new job.

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