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Vermeil jewelry is very popular because it wears well and lasts much longer than the typical standard costume jewelry metal.

It is not available in many retail jewelry departments but can be found in high end, fancy department stores.

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Vermeil jewelry is made into tennis bracelets, pendants, bangles, pins/brooches, mens cuff links, necklaces, fashion rings, charms, and chains.

It has the look and feel of pure, elegant fine gold jewelry with weight compared to that of karat gold pieces, but with prices more reasonable.

Marks used, engraved onto either the back side or the inside of each piece of jewelry include sterling, ster., 925, or .925 and 92.5.

Sterling Silver has the most ideal percentage of metal for having durability and natural bright sheen and the patina adheres to polish bringing the beautiful jewelry piece back to its original appearance when new. Coin silver is labeled as "coin silver," "coin," "900," ".900," or "90," signifying that the piece contains at least 90 percent pure silver. It is made up of various alloys of copper, nickel, zinc and other metals including lead and tin and has a silvery white appearance.

The aesthetic (art and beauty) of the 1960s and 1970s brought its own influences to Mexican silver jewelry and even today, it continues to be made and sold in extraordinary quantity.

Older pieces have a more complicated, heavier look.In colonial times, the precious deposits of gems, silver and gold lured Europeans throughout Mexico which led to the melding of Christian images on jewelry with the characteristics of ancient gods indigenous to the native people.Even today, the decorations of the body with metalwork including churches and dwellings carries some of the psychological richness of religious and naturalistic forms imbued with age-old ritual, protective, or celebratory value.Todays Mexican jewelry is found in local malls, wherever nice silver is displayed with findings including rings, earrings, pins, necklaces, and bracelets with abalone, turquoise, or semiprecious stone inlays that were imported from Mexico.The markings inside silver jewelry are often stamped in some motif with many pieces labeled sterling with other older pieces dubbed silver or Mexican silver Pieces may also include 925 to indicate the degree of purity.A representative formulation (Alloy No.752) is 65% copper, 18% nickel, 17% zinc.

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