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Gina describes her first ever date, at 16, as a “trip to Watford for a fumble” with a boy she met at Wood Green Tube station.

So if you’re one of those people that needs to be called every four hours, we’re not gonna work.

I can’t do the whole ‘I sent you four smiley faces, and you only sent me three back!

“I could count the number of dates I’ve had in the last year on one hand!

I get caught up so quickly – I go on a date with a person, I think ‘This is alright,’ and suddenly we’re in a relationship! ’ So I don’t get to date so much.” She goes on to explain how much she appreciates support in a relationship.

Gina describes how these days her mum only attends her really big shows, and waits with bated breath for Gina to acknowledge to the audience that her mother is in the house! So if I got married, we’d have to have our own houses, next door to each other, so I could go away and have my own space when I needed it! ” When I ask about the ornate ring she wears on her wedding finger, she laughs. I like jewellery – it’s just another finger to put jewellery on!

At 40, Gina is technically still single (though she does talk rather excitedly of an American professor who she is currently seeing). ” She admits that she’s never had a problem getting offers in the States.

“You’ve got to be highly independent [to date me],” she explains.

“Once I get busy, you might not hear from me for three or four days.

Did her Nigerian background ever affect the way she dated? “I was born and raised in England, so there were never any cultural expectations of me.” She follows the statement with her trademark impression of her mother, illustrating the latter’s lack of understanding of current dating culture with three simple instructions – “You find a husband, you settle down, you have children! She describes sexuality as a sliding scale, and doesn’t completely rule out the possibility of male partners in future, but admits that at the moment she doesn’t find the opposite sex attractive.

When I ask how her mother coped with her coming out, Gina shrugs.

The waiter comes over with the food, and I’m halfway through the takeaway meal. But she admits that often her personality has been to the detriment of her relationships.

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