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This lighter's CVS-20 marking thus dates it to sometime between 19. I would bet that he has one of these Bennington lighters in his pocket. Aloha Here's another Atomic Veterans Prince lighter in the standard "Zippo" type case from JTF 7 which has doubtlessly been in and out of dungaree and khaki pockets for years This is my Zippo lighter that I bought when I went aboard the ship. Chamblis, Capt, USN (Commanding Officer 28 November 1965 - 10 December 1966) Made by Prince "Rocky" On 23 August 1965, Skagit deployed to the Far East and remained there until .The Big Benn arrived in the PTO in early 1945, participated in combat operations against the Japanese empire and her air group overflew Tokyo Bay at the surrender. Charles Edward Healy was the CO of the Bennington from September 1962 to September 1963, so that helps to further narrow down the time frame of this lighter. The blurred area above the printing was a stylized plank of wood with the word PLANKOWNER on it. This was not to be a peacetime cruise as during the past decade.

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All enlisted men and Probationary Medical Officer Tadashi Teraki were released within eight years.

At least two US citizens of Japanese descent served in the Japanese military on Chichijima during the war, including Nobuaki "Warren" Iwatake, a Japanese-American from Hawaii who was drafted into the Japanese Imperial Army while living with his family back in Hiroshima. I.) in the post WWII era US NAVAL FORCES MARIANAS - Crossroads of the Pacific, Agana (now Hagatna), Guam Territory Ligher made by Penguin Operation Crossroads - Castle - Hardtack etc. forces defeated Japanese forces on the island in February 1944.

According to one source: "At the time of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor an Army force of about 3,700-3,800 men garrisoned Chichi Jima. Japanese troops and resources from Chichijima were used in reinforcing the strategic point of Iwo Jima before the historic battle that took place there from February 19 to March 24, 1945.

In addition, about 1,200 naval personnel manned the Chichi Jima Naval Base, a small seaplane base, the radio and weather station, and various gunboat, subchaser, and minesweeping units." The garrison also included a heavy artillery fortress regiment, it was a frequent target of US attacks. The island also served as a major point for Japanese radio relay communication and surveillance operations in the Pacific, with two radio stations atop its two mountains being the primary goal of multiple bombing attempts by the US Navy. The book tells the story of United States Navy pilots who bombed the island's two radio stations, and details the stories of the US pilots who were captured, tortured, executed, and in some cases, partially eaten in February 1945.

I have not been able to find much information on Car Div3 from the 1950-70s time frame.

I understand that at that time a carrier division was usually two carriers operating together. At that time the Commander of Car Div3 was RADM Ira Hobbs, an Annapolis grad from the class of 1925.Penguin-brand souvenir lighters were made in Japan and given to members of the U. He was an RD2 attached to COMSVTHFLT, so he served aboard the St. It is in pretty much unused shape and was made by PRINCE of Japan.Paul (CA-73), the Oklahoma City (CLG-5), and provenance (CLG-6)..finally the Interdictor (AGR-13) his last year in, out of Treasure Island. With Zippos it is usually easy to date the lighter because of the date codes on the bottom of the lighter.Chichijima was also the subject of a book by James Bradley entitled Flyboys: A True Story of Courage, a factual account of the lives of a group of young World War II pilots, including George H. The island was never captured and at the end of World War II some twenty-five thousand troops in the island chain surrendered.Thirty Japanese soldiers were court-martialled for class "B" war crimes, primarily in connection with the Chichijima incident and four officers (Major Matoba, General Tachibana, Admiral Mori, and Captain Yoshii) were found guilty and hanged.Many are presentation pieces from Admirals, Captains and Commands.

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