Dating postponement

If they choice to opt in, then the employer is required to pay employee contributions at the next available pay period.

You can create a postponement for an employee using the bulk postpone page, or you can set a deferral date in a payroll file when creating an employee.

You can postpone an employee for a maximum of 3 months from your staging date.

Press the blue Create button to create a postponement for each employee selected. - Creating a postponement will also lock your staging date.

IMPORTANT: If you have outsourced your pension scheme set up to a payroll company or your IFA or accountant please let them complete the postponement details for you so that your payroll application can be updated accordingly.

This video explains how to set up individual postponement or how to create scheme wide rules for postponement.

If the employee is an eligible jobholder they’re enrolled automatically.

If the employee is a non-eligible jobholders or entitled worker, as they have had a period of assessment following their postponement, if they become an eligible jobholder again in future you can postpone them again for a maximum of three months.

) allows you to postpone automatic enrolment for up to three months for some or all of your employees.

After this time, you must begin assessing your employees for automatic enrolment each time you pay them.

Another common reason to postpone is: The Edit Pay screen now displays that the employee is eligible and postponed.

The date they’re postponed until appears at the top of their employee record.

You should now send the employee a postponement notice.

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