Dating seto kaiba

] Serenity Wheeler Shizuka Kawai, your perfect sweet girl with a rule filled life.

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Seto Kaiba, your rich hottie with a closed up life.

After his soul is released by Pegasus, he meets someone who just might change that forever .

Truth and lies got all mixed up, chaos and confusions followed, leading to a journey of life and self-discovery.

Serenity has finally been realeased from the hospital but gets kidnapped, Yami helps her and finds himself falling for her quickly and she's also falling for him.

The photo Joey Wheeler has of her in his wallet shows her dressed in a sailor fuku common to middle school students in Japan. Serenity is a gentle-natured and compassionate girl who is rather shy, fragile, vulnerable, and emotional.

This may be the main reason why her big brother Joey always looks after her.This popular pairing seemed to emerge from the fans' imaginations, but it has since gained footing as one of the show's favorite couplings.This community is made especially for all you hardcore Sx S fans, and also for those of you who seem a little or extremely uneasy about the couple.Seto Kaiba was shocked out of his wits when he realized that he had been assassinated.Now imagine his astonishment when he was told that his wretched soul couldn't pass through heaven's gates until he did a little community service first.No one besides Mokuba ever realized Seto Kaiba had a heart...

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