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I'm connected by cat5 on my gaming PC so not a worry for me.

There's probably a 'N' version now with better range.

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Right now I just have to plug in directly to my modem which means the other 3 people on the network can't use the internet, which restricts me to playing at 3 in the morning Can you guys tell me what router you personally use, that is if it works without a hassle of course ?

Well I have a Netgear DG834GT (802.11G rated, ADSL combined modem-router), its about 3 years old, never been a problem.

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i play on wireless router usually and i get faster speeds than most but that's after buying D-link's most expensive gaming router (~$200).

i think belkin & netgear have caught up but frankly a few years ago they were selling pseudo-wireless routers.

If your going to connect directly to the modem, make sure you enable Windows Firewall! Update the routers 'firmware' whenever you get a new one. A quick tour of the review sites will probably reveal that most routers have some duds out of the box but that most of them are pretty good.

The super fancy ones often aren't worth the money in my opinion.

Can't tell you if the newer models are as good build/reliable, check the comments on Amazon, for starters, but certainly their menus within the router setup, diagnostics, wireless settings and firewall rules are all pretty starightforward.

Hope this helps, not exactly loaded with info I know.

if they worked at all they might over-heat and stop working after a few hours, or have another problem.

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