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And to watch as abortion, a source of separation for so many, instead becomes the very vehicle God uses to bring these couples closer together, teaching them about his unconditional love and leading them to himself.

Thirty-two separate bills related to abortion have been introduced to Congress already in 2017, a number of which are based in religious or moral beliefs.

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She was still struggling with connecting her head and heart to God’s forgiveness.

Sharing with her husband after a recent retreat, he then prayed she could accept fully God’s mercy.

Of Catholics who attend Mass weekly, 42% say abortion is not a moral issue, according to Pew Research Center data from 2016, and 54% of abortion patients identified as Christians in a Guttmacher Institute study published that same year.

Ahead, practicing Christian women talk honestly about their decisions to have abortions.d previously always been abstinent because of my faith, he pressured me, insisting that the "man has authority over the woman." I worked at a really conservative Christian organization, and my employer-based insurance wouldn't cover the pill or an IUD, so condoms, which are less reliable, were our only real option.

He just was not sure he would be able to get past it. I asked him what it was that made him feel he was now unable to marry her.

I reminded him that she was the same person he loved yesterday.

This fear keeps them from being fully open and giving themselves completely, and this fear manifests itself by impacting intimacy in the relationship, both sexually and emotionally. This “thing called abortion” that occurred before we even met has had more of an affect on our marriage relationship than anything else. Telling a potential spouse about an abortion is frightening, and the fear of withdrawal of love often causes people to keep their secret hidden.

One husband who learned about his wife’s abortion wrote: It was not until we had been married a little over two years that I discovered that little secret that remained hidden. I remember being a little shocked; well, maybe more than a little. Because, you see, I never realized how much it would matter. …You may say, “This is all well and good, but what does this have to do with you, a husband who took no part in her abortion? The disclosure of a past abortion can rightfully trigger many feelings and behaviors in the relationship.

What a beautiful witness of the commitment of marriage: to promise to be with the person in this journey of life that leads to God no matter what.

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