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The hull of the mature bean is hard, water-resistant, and protects the cotyledon and hypocotyl (or "germ") from damage.If the seed coat is cracked, the seed will not germinate. To date a sugardaddy is a big trend and lots of women are interested in it.

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The etymology of the genus, Glycine, comes from Linnaeus. This is the first stage of root growth and occurs within the first 48 hours under ideal growing conditions.

When naming the genus, Linnaeus observed that one of the species within the species had a sweet root. The first photosynthetic structures, the cotyledons, develop from the hypocotyl, the first plant structure to emerge from the soil.

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Mature trifoliolate leaves, having three to four leaflets per leaf, are often between 6–15 cm (2.4–5.9 in) long and 2–7 cm (0.79–2.76 in) broad.

Under ideal conditions, stem growth continues, producing new nodes every four days.

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Depending of the soybean variety, node growth may cease once flowering begins.

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