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Wire Nails The wire nails which dominate the market today date from the late 19th century, although cut nails remained the principal form used until the 1930s, and are still common.Early Screws Although the principle of the screw is ancient, the wood screw - essentially a round nail with a threaded shaft and a slot in the head to aid its removal - seems to have developed in the mid 16th century when they were used in locks and clocks in particular.

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However, being hand-forged, the variety of shapes and forms are infinite.

These nails were expensive to produce and were used sparingly.

The strip was then placed under a powerful guillotine which cut off a single nail on an angle.

Then the sheet was turned over and the next was cut.

Machine-Cut Nails The first machined nails were flat and headless.

From 1811 these were produced from rolled sections of plate iron, cut into strips of the same width as the length of the nail.

Rooted in age-old tradition, our wide array of period restoration nails are cut much the same way they were 150 years ago. Outstanding durability and holding power, designed to last a lifetime.

Lighter than common cut nails, but used for similar applications, these solid-steel standards were originally designed for building wood boxes and crates. Once you've experienced the quality and performance of our vintage reproductions, they'll surely become your preferred choice for a variety of applications. Approximate nails per Lb:270 nails for the 1 1/2"171 for the 1 3/4" (5d)146 for the 2" (6d)120 for the 2 1/4" (7d)105 for the 2 1/2" (8d)65 for the 3" (10d).

However, these early, hand-forged screws were expensive to make and they were not used for ordinary joinery work.

Machine-Made Screws By the late 18th century screws with blunt ends were made by machine, and in the 1840s George Nettlefield began to produce the modern pointed screws at his factory in Birmingham, initiating their widespread use in joinery.

Wood Screws and Cut Nails To properly build, repair or restore an authentic vintage-style or antique piece of furniture, you need period-correct assembly hardware, including the wood screws and cut nails we offer here at Kennedy Hardware.

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