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“Lenny” is also available on the “Live at the Mocambo” DVD. I had the chance to do a hands on inspection of Eric Claptons “Blackie” in 1978.

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The guitar debuted at the winter NAMM show January 15-18, 2004.

These guitars have serial numbers, but they are NOT serialized 1 through 100.

I am contemplating purchasing a used SRV Stratocaster. Inserting that number in the guitar project site it shows it to be a 1989 neck.

The current owner advised me it was built in 1995 and claims it to be original. In the reading I've done, serial numbers from 1989 are not unusual for a later built SRV, but my confusion comes in because lower serial numbers show early 1990 builds.

Quando a Number One do SRV ainda era “nova” – Cifra Club. neck that broke out under the lighting was his neck replacement while the original was to get a job done was the trem to Wow, I jnew it and played with heavy gauge strings .

Algumas fotos do SRV com a Number One ainda “nova”. According Stevies guitar technician when Stevie died, he put the original neck back on the number one.

It white does not look like this thing is not even bother to throw in the wood for the fireplace is not fire. there are a few here saying stupid shit just to be trolls.

like someone said “ohh the bridge was placed wrong,” they want to be dicks or they just do not know who the hell stevie was and how he played .

It is certainly not unusual for artwork to sell for ,000, and that's one way to look at this guitar.

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