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The series continued from 1580 using new recordings, running up to about 1664. It is believed that all Scala De Luxe records were made in Britain at The Mead Works, in Hertford.

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The catalogue numbers were usually in a 7000-series and there were just over 200 different records produced in the 4-year period. Sefono was a Durium / Hit of the Week product made for sale in France. However, some Sefono records state "Fabrique a Slough (Angleterre)" (Made in Slough (England)). Fay of Dublin, the records being pressed from old "Edison Bell" masters, some of which were quite oild by the times the Shamrock records were produced, which was most likely to be the late 1920s or early 1930s.

These have a 6000-series catalogue number and an F-100 matrix. The examples seen have no catalogue numbers, and the original Edisdon Bell master numbers are generally, if not always, removedand replaced by Shamrock control numbers.

The records were available from 1949 to 1952 and were limited edition pressings (probably less that 100 of each to avoid purchase tax).

These single-sided records and the labels were reportedly made by J. callander in a workshop in his gaeden, where he had a hand-operated record press.

The others use (Edison) Bell masters or (again) Crystalate ones. The 10" used a 1500 series catalogue, the smaller ones use a 3-digit number.

A Savoy record was announced in the late 1920s which appears to be a flexible picture record, maybe similar to a Goodson, with printing upon the surface, or a Trusound, with the picture encapsulated within the material.

They used mainly Beka/Lindstrm masters at the time, and a catalogue series starting at 1. By the end of the war, Scala had reached just over 1100.

The after a short break, production passed to Crystalate, who restarted the numbering at 1200, aligning it with Coliseum, and for the next 156 issues the two labels issued the same material on the same catalogue numbers (though using different pseudonyms). dropping the leading '1',) with the label design as shown, right and by now made by Vocalion.

I would be grateful for any further information, or examples, preferably with images.

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