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Bullying is the unwanted, aggressive behavior among school aged children.

Deana's Educational Theater Company is a nonprofit organization that offers interactive performance-based presentations covering current issues of dating violence, bullying, cyber bullying, sexual coercion, harassment and respect.

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It also can include online sharing of embarrassing pictures, videos or fake profiles.

Kids and teens who cyberbully know how to use technology and have grown up with it as a large part of their lives.

They understand that the potential to embarrass someone can go viral very quickly with devastating results to the victim.

Uploading embarrassing videos to popular video and social media/networking sites seems to be one of the favorite methods used by the majority of cyberbullies.There are 9 plays for audiences from Grade 1 through College with presentations for military and communities also available.Deana's Educational Theater Company has been active for the past 23 years.Our Nonprofit Organization is filled with talented individuals who have long been involved in interactive and immersive theater whether it be on the stage itself or in an administrative role.Visit "Our Executive Team" page if you would like to contact them with any questions you may have. develops and produces dynamic, interactive educational theater performances and a comprehensive array of training, workshops and distance learning products.Bullying can be verbal, social or physical and a child may be the victim of all 3 types of bullying simultaneously. Social bullying hurts a reputation or relationships.

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