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If you have any interest, please Looking for son I was forced to give up to adoption by my parents Baby was a son born July 19, 1963. If they read this please understand there are no hard feelings and thank you for brave decision. according to my non identifying papers my birth father was killed in vietnam in 1968. BM father killed in train accident when he was about 30 years old. I was told we have other sibilings too but not sure if they are alive. Rebeccaooking for my birth son he was born october 9 1990 I don't know much about the adopted family except they have another adopted son name birth son is named Travis and he is biracial. If anyone has any information Please my name is Brian Green i was born in Charleston SC ,i was adopted by Nora and Marty Green we lived in va beach va until i was 18 im looking for my mother or aunt.

I heard son was adopted by a religious family in the lower part of South Carolina. I would like to establish a relationship Looking for birth parents. Male Charleston - Mother resident of Florence Crittenton home. i was born at the medical college hospital in charleston, sc. Adoption done through Gaston County Dept of Social Services.ooking for birth mother. I just want to make sure he's happy and healthy 2-13-92Looking for Estelle Wilson Benge (DOB) she is my biological mother. Also, looking for my half sister shynekia (DOB)2-13-1992 and my half brother Tommy (DOB)9-11-1993.

Looking for the '10-month old sister'.would be about 64 or 65 now..probably doesn't know I exist. Birth names Zetta Ann Fowler and Zelia Mae Fowlerlooking for sister born in Charleston SC she was given to friends of the family/her birth mon lived on Wapoo road in Charleston and she was given to friends of the family. this is so depressinglooking for female born in Walterboro Hospital, Walterboro, SC Birth mother's name: "Libby" Glover. She was adopted by an older couple in Summerville, SC. I'm not in search of, to disrupt anyone's life, just would like to fill this void in my life by knowing who i am. Siblings in search: We are looking for our half sister whom we believe was born in Charleston, SC between March and July of 1955. BF could have been from this area or from Columbia at state hospital. If anyone knows of my BM or who the father could possibly have been, please let me know. Thank yo Adoptee searching for birth mother Carroll Christine Murpthy. I have been searching for quite some time Separated at birth identical twin girls. She has two grandchildren and a great grandchild now. The only information i have is that she was born in 1961 on Dec. I was born in Richland County, South Carolina, near Columbia. A social worker by the name of Mrs Brown took me to my new home. I want her to know she did the right thing by putting me up for adoption. BM Searching - Baptist Medical Center at around pm to a girl who was delivered by Manly Hutchinson. The adoptions were handled through SCDSS in Columbia, SC. MOTHER WAS 28 AT THE TIME AND I UNDERSTAND SHE ALSO HAD OTHER CHILDREN... Female, Beaufort, I was adopted right after I was born. He was born Braden Christopher on June 25, 1987 in Charleston South Carolina while I was living at the Florence Crittenton Home for Unwed mothers.

So, I know there's hope for all of you searchers. We were trying on clothes and my mother mistook her for me. I also know that my mother was deaf and around 17 or 18 years of age. I hope that she has been searching/is for her birth family..she has been in my heart the moment i found Male Adoptee Born at (then) Columbia Hospital. My mother was in a foster home and had me at 15 or 16 years of age. Hutchinson if he knew her name and I think he said her name was Betsy, but I was still medicated on tranquilizers so I am not absolute on the name. any information will help-even bm's who may have been at the home at the time she was there. If u r a female born anywhere around this time and place,please email Female born in Greenville SC at St Francis Hospital, Dr Gould attended. I would love to know more about my background, especially health issues - need to find birth parents! BM is African American, BF is "other" I was adopted out in the arly year of 1968. Birth Mother searching for a female child born in Charleston, SC, October twenty-something, in 1968. I have also been told I might have been born in a maternity home and possibly a c-section birth. I don't want interupt your life if you don't want me to. Private adoption don't have paper work to verify dates. Both birth parents worked for a Scotchman store in Myrtle Beach South Carolina during that time.

Our mother's separated us before could get contact info from one another. My father was some kin to the foster mother if I am not mistaken. If you are out there searching you need to know that you have two sisters now, and you are thought about every day from me and your two sisters who want to meet you very much. Mother trying to find son I'm now 48 and have been searching for my birth mom since I was 20. It makes it hard when records are sealed and you have a twin and not know where she is buried. Never have I ever hated my birth mom just wish I could find her. My Adopted family is now deceased along with my adopted brother. was told she went to nursing school after she had me. email me Not sure of actual day Born in Columbia, SC(Richalnd Memorial). I would also like to hear from others who may have been born in Greenville, that hospital or was adopted through Catholic Charities. BM was between age of 15-18 at time of birth."Baby Vincent" searching for BM or BF. Children's Bureau of Columbia SC handled male adoption. BF a student at a university in NC during pregnancy and birth. He was born in Charelston, SC and was adopted in spartanburg s.c. Please contact me if you think you have any info for me. Her birth name was Helen Elizabeth Fabriguze and was given up for adoption. My birthmother left me a embroidered picture that says: "for this child I prayed". You have a brother that would love to meet you I love you so much you never left my thoughts. Born in Greenville, SC and adopted by my parents from Gaffney, SC through Department of social services.

He was born in searching for my half brother, born Robert Bruce. I have reason to believe she was born in Charleston, or Florence, but exact location is unclear. Chester sc county hospital where my mother named me jimmie lou and left me there she was 31 at the time she was born 1939 had a twin sister my dad was 22 and he was born 1948 she had 7 other children before me a boy born 1958 and was adopted by his great grandparents a girl born 1959 -a girl born 1960- a boy born 1962- a boy born 1963-a boy born 1965-a girl born 1966 and i was born 1970 i think 6 of them were living with there father he got custody after him and my mother separation nov 1967 he was awarded custody in 1968 of the six she was with my father which he left her when he found out she was pregnant with me. Adoption handled by SC DSS which was finalized in 10/70. I was told my birth name was Amanda and I was born in Charleston. been told only that my birth name was Carol and bmom was about 19. He was born in Columbia SC on June 25,1978 at around 9 in the morning. You have three sisters, a niece, a nephew and another on the way. she also had an girl who was older, she got to keep her.

I assume she was born in the early 1970's, I believe my mother said in May. Birth mother was in Florence Crittenton Home, Charleston, S. Father owned a Farming Implement Company from somewhere in S. Did not get a name, but was referred to by Baby Lynn by the Social Workers. Mom and Dad had been dating for about 18 months also and Mom was separated from my legal father. MUSC in Charleston; I am female; birth name was Stephanie Nichole. Mother stayed at the Florence Crittendon Home from February '75 to DOB. I would at the very least know w medical history, as I have a child myself. ISO BIRTH MOM Female born 6/14/1975 at Lexington county hospital..Columbia area. I am looking for a son I put up for adoption June 27,1978. i think my grandma called dss & i was placed in a foster home, my birth mom had the right to visit me supervised i think.

I was born in Darlington County to a 24 year old woman that was divorced. Thanks b-mom and trying hard to locate my daughter that i was made to give up for adoption. My mom was 25 at the time of my birth and my father was 19.

Just want to tell you that I love you I am a White Female searching for my birth parents. My birth mother was sent to a all womens home during pregnancy. I was adopted at 7 weeks through Social Services in Greenville SCFemale - Im looking for my birth mom. looking for some medical history and to say thank you for what must have been so difficult. I also want to be aware of problems that my son may face.

I've had a great life, two girls of my own now. My first pregnancy was a miscarriage due to medical problems and if I have more children I want to know what I will face.

Please if you know that women that gave me up for adoption. My birth name was Angelbaby girl born in Charleston, adopted and moved to Washington DC with family. Males in family seem to be into mechanics of some sorts and BM & MGM seemed to work in a clothing or textile plant doing some type of sewing. I just had a baby and would like to know medical history.

Tks, Michael My name is Amanda and I'm in search of my birth mother or any birth family. Francis Hospital in Greenville, South Carolina looking for her birth mother and any birthfamily.

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