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It will then change your outgoing message from a "quick message" to a standard message.You will then be able to attach gifts and your photo's. As others have said, you email them to the members of your choice.And I've tried several times attaching *Private Photos* to a message and it hasn't worked since the rule was implemented. I clicked on her "Message So&So" button, and the text box came up. Looks to me like they're telling me I have to Upgrade to send these images. But if not, let me know and I'll try some other way of doing it.

I misunderstood what you meant at first but I think I've got it now. I've inadvertently tried to Message profiles before I had looked at their filters. That's why I always check filters before I bother reading a profile or trying to send a message.

And what happens on my end is that, as soon as I click the "Send" button, I get the "Blocked" notice and my message *poof! Granted, I always have a few (or all) of my photos checked.

If you don't click any of them, they will all be attached.

So make sure you click only the ones you want to attach. I've always gone on the assumption that if none are checked, then none are sent.

Because it doesn't matter if you have even 50 private photos to share, you're blocked from sending them a message whether you include your private photos or not.

Sometimes I wonder how many people using that filter have a clue of how many possibilities they're missing. In other words, to be grammatically correct, the filter should say ""You must have a *public* picture to contact this user".

You can also give access, or remove access, by clicking on the Key icon at the top of their profile, or on the messenger window.

When a member is no longer on your contacts, they will no longer have access to your private photos.

And yes, there's a way for you to get around the filter but I, for one, just take people at their word (whether they know what they're doing or not) and I skip on past 'em.

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