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Or worse from my perspective, he hopes you’ll end things when you find out, making it even easier for him to depart.

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It takes patience and the following of a few guidelines, but never fear, dating without drama can definitely happen.

What most people do not realize is that they are as much a part of the drama as their partner is.

He’d feel braver knowing there was another woman he could leave for.

As Matthew explains, this presents the proverbial “Catch-22” of which comes first, leaving or discovering options? Fourth, once a man cheats, the damage is done and now he has a reason to leave.

When your self-esteem and self-respect is low, you will naturally attract (and be attracted TO) emotionally abusive types.

The opposite is true when you feel good about who you are and truly believe that you're worthy of a loving, healthy relationship.Here are just SOME things you can expect from a healthy relationship: So what will help you get over that feeling that something is “missing” when there's no more emotional roller coaster? It's a matter of realizing that LIFE has plenty of its own ups and downs without needing to create drama in our romantic relationships.When we're a part of that healthy partnership I just mentioned, we function as a support system for one another to help each other through life’s ups and downs. The LOWS we endure are inevitable (disappointments, setbacks, health challenges, losing a loved one)...Sure, the lows are really low (the put-downs, the rages, the fights) but the highs are really high (the passion; the excitement; the romantic, lovey way he gets when you make up after a fight).We start to endure the lows because we're living for the highs.If you’ve had a cheating man in your life, I hope reading through these reasons has helped you understand how such a travesty could happen.

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