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In designning him, Shinkawa wanted to convey both Raiden's beauty as well as sorrow in his cybernetic body.

He was also made so that he could wield swords with his own legs giving the players the impressions he was a ninja.

Raiden reappears as a supporting character in Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots assisting Solid Snake in his against Revolver Ocelot's forces.

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Director Mineshi Kimura noted that he wanted Raiden to be able to move like he did in the Metal Gear Solid 4 trailers, wanting to show "the stealth of the sword, and the strength of not even losing to the gun, and the fear and power you have with this blade." Following the game's reboot into a spin-off, Developers stated that while Raiden "has grown up" in comparison to previous Metal Gear games, he is still conflicted with his life as a child soldier in a past civil war, leading him to be a "dark hero".

Shinkawa designed Raiden's new body as a way to emphasize him being a dark hero contrasting his Metal Gear Solid 4 persona and later discussed with Platinum Games' Kenji Saito about including his quasi-human look.

It was initially planned to be written in katakana as "ライデン", but was changed to the kanji form "雷電" because of the original resemblance to Bin Laden's "Laden" in katakana, "ラーディン".

Kojima received much fan mail; one letter was from a girl who stated she did not want to play a game with an old man.

Kojima also stated that Raiden's character and its perception by the audience were important to the overall feel of the story.

The idea of having a second main character was inspired by the Sherlock Holmes short stories and novels in which the narrator was not the title character, but his friend Dr. Kojima affirmed that Snake was the game's protagonist instead of Raiden.Shinkawa, himself, was surprised by the way he came to illustrate Raiden.The staff noted that Raiden's debut in the Metal Gear Solid 4 trailer received notably positive responses; several video-game magazines promoted the game with Raiden's screenshots.Raiden's debut role as the protagonist of Metal Gear Solid 2 was controversial, however, due to his unexpected substitution for the established hero Solid Snake.Some critics have defended the character, stating that fans were merely angered by the former's removal and that the latter was appealing.Although Raiden appeared in several preview trailers in his scuba gear, his presence was not emphasized.

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