Definition of liquidating damages

Benign conditions might bless you with an average withdrawal rate of 7.7%.

When your portfolio swells, a dynamic withdrawal rate lets you spend more.

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For his part Mc Clung reverse-engineers their systems, tests them to within an inch of their algorithms, and then bolts together the best parts to come up with his recommendations.

The major difference between Mc Clung and most other retirement researchers is that Mc Clung has subjected these formulas to more tests than a talking ape.

The 4% rule is prone to failure, numerous caveats that don’t fit into 140-characters or fewer (or even 280), and it’s barely applicable outside the US.

And where the 4% rule can leave some retirees on the brink of poverty, it can leave others departing the stage with most of their hard-earned loot unspent.

The system offered by Michael Mc Clung takes a data-forged sword to those twin-headed terrors.

His design relies upon two important techniques that many retirees may struggle with: Dynamic asset allocation means that your yin and yang of equities and bonds is no longer fixed by some permanent cosmic ratio.That is especially handy if financial independence is on your ‘to do’ list.Don’t misunderstand me – Mc Clung isn’t claiming his method is fail-safe.Michael Mc Clung’s achievement is to survey that landscape with the rigorous eye of an engineer who wants to build a house that won’t fall down.He’s poured his findings into It’s a practical, safety-conscious, and evidence-based manual that DIY investors can use to avoid the retirement quicksands.Inflation and even the blessing of a long life can put us on prison rations in our twilight years.

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