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Even for Stanger, the tone of her voice resonated distain to the question. But it is not aired with that Stanger explanation to Cohen.That Stanger reluctance to ever explain Destin and Rachel’s exit did not resonate well with fans.

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You can’t live in someone’s shadows for the reset of their lives.

It is not a Rachel and Brad situation.” Destin and Rachel tell news that they left the show.

She’s got a high profile divorce from American royalty, aka J. Thomas is super sexy and hot, a little overt, too much wanting to get into her pants.

And then there’s Kent who’s so steady, he’s got four kids, he’s really rich, and more importantly, he’s kind of a slow burn — whereas Thomas is a fast burn.

Morgan most notably in the RHONY 2014 reunion told co-stars (to their laughs) that she “owns” a “yacht” that “Diddy” parties on.

Stanger said of that Morgan “I met Sonja Morgan and she’s from The Real Housewives of New York City. So Sonja wants a down to earth, really strong guy with money who can travel at a moment’s notice to New York.” Stanger adds ” We get down to Sonja’s guys and there’s Thomas and Kent, which end up being the last two guys that I really like.But in the world of bad editing, the pair were slighted everything from titles to credits when on the show.Yet it was their exit orchestrated by Bravo that angered fans two years ago.And much like Stanger’s previous seasons, Patti wrongly leaves the storyline about their exit initially unexplained in the show.Instead, Patti and Bravo wrongly leave viewers having to search for the answers inside a WWHL video and across social media posts.To help personalise content, tailor and measure ads and provide a safer experience, we use cookies.

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