Diary of a dating diva

Inspired by England, we planted this long hedge/bird motel down the driveway of our property in California. Put your book in your purse so that when you see a plant, flower, bush, hedge, rose you like, you can jot it down.

I loved that bathroom — the house was very old and the bathroom was filled with hints of the years of family farm life …

I stood there for a few moments sketching it into my book. So now, in our bathroom here on the island, instead of hunting guns, there are fishing poles in the corner next to the sink, and our Wellies, Joe’s big black ones, my smaller colorful ones, are lined up, complete with dried mud on the soles, on the black and white checked linoleum floor under the sink.

But bushes and shrubs are just as important, and when I began to understand how it all came together, they became just as beautiful to me.

They bring the foundation to a garden in a way that a bunch of pansies, even a whole stand of pansies, could never do.

I didn’t just put garden advice in it either, although that’s what 90% of it is — but if I heard a quote or saw something in a house that I liked, I wrote it down or sketched that too.

(I even sketched a farmers market/coffee shop layout we saw just in case someday we wanted to have a farmer’s market/coffee shop — I figured I would be ready 🙂 — it was the perfect shop ~ I had to do it!

I would photograph it too, so I could see it all later.

In our Martha’s Vineyard garden now, we have alpine strawberries, rhododendron, sweet woodruff, white bleeding hearts, golden yew, and lots of other things just because of this little diary and what we learned in the beautiful amazing gardens in England where every single day Joe and I GASPED at the beauty of what we were seeing.

And I found out that the shapes of plants matter, whether they sit like a giant ball or block, climb up a wall, weep, grow skinny and tall like a post, or crawl along the ground. (I know what I know now, which is a drop in the bucket, but in a few years, I will know more.

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