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Create a Minimum Since teens schedules are busy and your and the other parent's schedules are also probably pretty packed, it's important to agree to some kind of minimum time per month with the non-custodial parent. Take turns taking your daughter to basketball practice.

For example, decide that you'll try to arrange things so that the non-custodial parent sees your child for at least four overnights per month and 4 other evenings or afternoons - this is the flexible way to fit in the "every other weekend and one night a week" plan into a busy life. Have one parent commit to teaching him how to drive.

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What are some emotions I may feel after the divorce?

Finally – focus on the positive: divorces happen because parents are not happy with each other anymore.

In fact it is just the opposite - you set a minimum and then work with your child to make it work for everyone.

It takes a bit more cooperation, but in the end, you will both have a better relationship with your child and he or she will feel more fulfilled and connected.

He or she should have plenty of time to do the things that matters to him, but he's also got to make some room for spending time with his parents.

When you all lived in one house you probably did not tell your daughter she had to skip the field hockey game because you wanted to spend time with her.

You didn't tell your son he couldn't hang out with friends on Friday night because your spouse wanted to spend time with him.

As the divorced parent of a teen, you've got to flex the parenting schedule to incorporate the things that make your kid who he is.

And, if a family divorced when the daughter was 7, she's a very different person at 15 and it can be hard to stay in the loop.

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