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Mirtazapine may increase the tendency for seizures .As a result, it should be used carefully in people with epilepsy or other seizure disorders. It should be used carefully in people with a history of mania.Mirtazapine, sold under the trade name Remeron, is taken by mouth and swallowed whole.

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The most common side effects that cause people to stop taking mirtazapine are sleepiness and nausea. It is worth waiting a few days and being patient to let your body get used to the drug. Besides the weight gain, Mirtazapine does seem to help with my depression.

Other common side effects are dizziness, increased appetite and weight gain. I was lucky enough to be in hospital when I first was taking the drug so I could just go to bed but felt so much better and started sleeping really well and the side effects disappeared after a few days. Hello, I have been taking Mirtazapine for about 2 wks now. Will the side effect of the weight gain eventually go away or should I stop taking it? I have been taking 15mg for around three weeks and I too have difficulty getting up in the morning. I am not happy about taking them, but the Doctor seems to think the sleepiness will subside. Both times sleepy yes, took all morning to wear off.

Less common adverse effects include weakness and muscle aches, flu-like symptoms, low blood-cell counts, high cholesterol, back pain, chest pain, rapid heartbeats, dry mouth, constipation, water retention, difficulty sleeping, nightmares, abnormal thoughts, vision disturbances, ringing in the ears, abnormal taste in the mouth, tremor, confusion, upset stomach, and increased urination. Haven't had time to assess for anxiety but really bizarre reactions.

Use of mirtazapine with antidepressants referred to as monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOIs) such as Parnate ( tranylcypromine ) and Nardil ( phenelzine ), is strongly prohibited due to the potential for high fever, muscle stiffness, sudden muscle spasms, rapid changes in heart rate and blood pressure, and the possibility of death. Feeling of 'swirling' in the head, hot, very uncomfortable, vivid strange dreams, a feeling like all my internals are expanding and swelling! I read that there's no chance of serotonin poisoning as there is with some anti's so I'll try again tonight and cut dose to 7.5. Took my first dose of mirtazamine 15mg last week at around 10.30pm, by 11pm could hardly stand up or keep my eyes open, slept soundly 'til about 1.30am, had to get up as I couldn't keep still, all my nerves seemed alive, tried to relax but it was impossible to sit still, legs jigging, twitching sensation,/skin crawling, all over.

tomorrow I am going to see her psychiatrist regarding to this side effect I have just started taking these antidepressants and my appetite has doubled I am already too heavy for my height surely not a good it makes me even more down, anyone else getting this and of you please help me w Hi, My mother (patient of PD) took mirtazep 15 mg on Monday night at 10 pm approximately and in tuesday morning she took PK merz 100mg and jumex 5mg since then she is sleeping for almost 18 hrs per day that is on tuesday and wednesday, Can any one advise is it something associated with the side effects of the medicines. I attend a lipid clinic for high cholesteral and am on tredaptive 20mg each at night along with Lipitor40mg(atorvastatins).

She has discontinued the medicine till we get in touch with her doctor again. as advised by my doctor and was asleep within 20 minutes,took it again the next night,same thing. I cannot wake up properly for about 2hrs, as i am having very vivid dreams, i feel as if i have been drinking alcohol the night before. it is very sad that you have been on so many anti depressants and you are so young!

I am always tired and have a sensation in my head and ears,and am weak and sore all over, Please can you guide me what to do,as i cannot get an appointment with my GP for several days. I would say stop taking them if they are making you feel like this. egnore her, she is making out as if she cares but she doesnt so just bloody well do it and be dont with it. I have dreams that upset me and cause me to wake up, so I always feel sleepy and tired.

Hi Caroline, thank you for your message, that does sound very reassuring. either that or you will end up topping yourself by the sounds of things. kind regards, Natasha I have been to my GP this morning because the venaflaxine I've been taking doesn't seem to be doing anything for me. Because of the sleepiness and tiredness, I am lethargic and don't exercise, so I am overweight too. I'm hoping the Mirtazapine will calm my anxieties and stop my bad dreams.

My friends would call me and I wouldn't answer the phone. Now I am single again, I chat to potential dates online or on the phone, but I nearly always cancel dates to meet in person. Occasionally, I have to go out but I return home as quick as I can. I slept for hours and when I was awake I was dizzy, my grandmother said I was like a walking dead person I was out of it.

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