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There wasn't the bullying and the picking on each other like they did across the street. The [brothers] punched each other — we weren't used to seeing that." Chad's older brother Drew remembers the people that his mother had purchased the house from telling her, " such a great neighborhood, except for the Goldbergs — they're kinda crazy.

[As] it turned out, they ended up being our best friends." Chad and Adam were always at each other's houses. K., Star Wars and my favorite — Godaikins (especially Go Lion i.e.

However, the real Adam Goldberg did not grow up in an average suburban home as depicted on the show.

He grew up in a large historic Tudor home that was built in 1925 and consisted of 6 bedrooms, 5.5 baths, a mahogany library, a hand carved chestnut staircase and a private tennis/sport court.

Located in a prestigious neighborhood, its current estimated value is approximately $669,182 ( In addition to the interior, Adam's videotapes were also used to help create the cast's wardrobe, to the point that the characters look eerily similar to how his family dressed in the 1980s, especially the father (Yes.

On the show, Beverly Goldberg (Wendi Mc Lendon-Covey) is determined to make friends with her uptight and standoffish neighbors, the Kremps, specifically the mother, Virginia Kremp (Jennifer Irwin).

Adam recalls that his father, Murray, had to pay for the damage caused by Pops's accident, "which really pissed him off," notes Goldberg.

At a press conference, a journalist was critical of the scene, implying that it was somewhat ageist.

The main reason for the mildly confusing (though often easy to overlook) issue with the show's time frame is that if the show was set in a specific year, like 1985 for example, the creators would have to wait up to five years (five seasons) to include references to certain '80s staples like (1989), the Reebok Pump and the Nintendo Power Glove. "I know I've slipped up a couple times," admits the real Goldberg.

"I should be so lucky to be five years in on a show," says the real Adam Goldberg. He added that for most of us, when we recall our memories of the 1980s, we usually don't remember the exact year anyway. I only remember that it was somewhere in the mid to late eighties. So we decided to set it in '1980-something.'" This idea of having an undependable narrator was "so liberating creatively. Near the end of the premiere episode, "The Circle of Driving," non-1980s cars can be seen in the background as Murray (Jeff Garlin) sings REO Speedwagon's "Can't Fight This Feeling." In another instance, they used the term "re-gift," which wasn't said until after the 1980s (Yes.

She invites the Kremps over for a BBQ and the situation implodes. "We were your everyday family," says the real Chad Kremp, whose parents, like on the show, had purchased the house across the street.

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