Dubya dad and dating

When Benny and Randy decide to leave to go out together, she "threatens" Manny, who, now a successful businessman who owns a mansion and some horse stables, if he "were to hurt George again" saying to him that "it would be a shame if all your horses died in a fire, then you died in a house fire, after the horses died in the barn fire!

Dubya, Dad, and Dating (Part 1) was the first part of a two-episode story arc which served as the Season 3 opening of George Lopez; the episode, which was also the 29th overall series episode.

George then admits to Benny that he also hated Manny for what he did, but that he was tired of it, as he also admit that he invited Manny there for dinner "for himself", as Manny was "still his dad".

Also, George isn't too happy to find out that Benny and Randy are seeing each other, but reluctantly gives the couple "his OK", in that he admit that he can't do anything about Benny and Randy dating each other, as Benny reluctantly admits that she can't stop George from wanting to establish a relationship with Manny.

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The total influence - economic, political, even spiritual - is felt in every city, every statehouse, every office of the federal government.

We recognize the imperative need for this development.

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