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Conrad Green, the shows Executive Producer told Mail Online: 'The booing heard was a direct response from the audience to Jennifer and Derek's scores which were perceived as relatively low for a dance that received a standing ovation.' However, during the interview, the pro-hunting former Alaskan governor brought out her usual spiel, even mentioning ice hockey and guns - calling her daughter 'Bristol the pistol'. ' She then added: 'Bristol the pistol, that's who we are rooting for!

The mother of one revealed not an extra ounce of flesh as she shimmied her way through a dazzling dance routine during the second week performances.

And it wasn't just her look which caught the judges eye, her energetic jive to Shake It by Metro Station saw her match her young dance partner, singer Cheryl Cole's boyfriend, Derek Hough, step for high-kicking step in a standout routine.

Sarah could be seen cheering in the audience, with Piper putting her hands to her mouth to scream.

Flamboyant panel member Bruno Tonioli said: 'Bristol, there is a fresh, non-showbiz, unaffected quality about you that is so charming.

As the pictures of the extremely svelte-looking mother-of-five hit the internet, she retaliated by revealing that she is writing a fitness book that will involve the whole family - including her oldest daughter Bristol, who has shed pounds while appearing on ABC's All-star Dancing With The Stars.'I guess my biggest pitfall is breakfast.

I know it's the most important meal of the day but I still haven't bought into it.

And the audience showed their displeasure by roundly booing the judges scores.

In her pre-show film, Jennifer revealed that DWTS was the catalyst for discovering she had cancer.

US media seized on the story, reporting that the audience had spotted the interview being set up when the boos came.

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