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After starring on nearly 250 episode of CSI, Langham has appeared in a number of successful television shows.

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Even though he was told that science was supposed to be a hobby for the pasty-faced and romantically challenged, that did not dissuade him from joining the Science Club in high school, or from majoring in Chemistry in college.

He had always balanced lab work with athletics, studying with flirting, and computer work with dating.

But as time passed, he became more and more popular as a loved character on the show and it wasn’t long before Szmanda was a regular fixture.

Szmanda was pretty much a regular on the show, but since it ended he has kept quite the low profile in the world of acting.

Before CSI, Paul Guilfoyle starred in well-known movies such as L. Guilfoyle played an amazing part of the captain of the homicide team for a long standing 14 years.

The show creators decided to write him out, after over 300 episodes. Since his final departure from the show, Guilfoyle has featured in an array of critically acclaimed box office hits.

Her time on CSI lasted for four consecutive seasons, from 2012 until 2015.

Before CSI, She worked on several films, including Leaving Las Vegas, Palmetto, and also Hollow Man.

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