Everquest updating video drivers

Load Screen: This allows you pick whether you want to have an image displayed while loading a zone. In some cases, reducing the clip plane can improve performance. Particles: This section allows you to adjust the number of particles displayed during spell effects.

Displaying an image can help reduce load time for slower systems. In some cases you may want to alter this to improve performance. In some cases a lower setting may improve performance.

You can adjust these recommendations but if you select more models than recommended it may limit performance.

You can also toggle this buy using the /Shownames command.

This command allows you further options for displaying names.

If you are seeing fewer options than you were expecting (such as higher resolutions), the first step to correcting this is to see if you can find newer drivers for your video card.

LOD Bias (Level of Detail): This allows you adjust the Level of Detail graphic settings.

Toggling PC and NPC helps keep the clutter down when on raids. Show 3D Target Ring: Displays a colored ring around your target's feet.

Level of Detail: When on, the detail levels for distant NPCs and PCs are reduced. Show My Helm: Toggles whether your helm is visible to you and others or not.Some of these settings may require you to zone before they take effect.The default settings are the optimal settings for your graphics cards.The options are Very Low, Low, Normal, High, and Very High.The higher the amount, the more details will be displayed. Far Clip Plane: The Clipping plane determines how far you can see.Switch to Fullscreen: Sets the current window mode to be full screen.

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