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Upon arrival or having the work visa, a medical assessment shall be done during the first week of being in Qatar.An online registration shall be made by your company and they will take you to the Medical Commission for your health evaluation.

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If you have successfully passed the medical procedure, a shall be made and your company will bring you to Forensic Laboratory at Criminal Evidences and Information Department (CEID).

All arrangements pertaining to this shall be made by your company’s PRO.

On the other hand, this process is based on the usual procedure and in line with the updated law.

This will be a step by step flow on acquiring a resident permit under WORK VISA only.

I believe you have already heard about random checking of QID’s. Helpful links: So there you have it, this post is dedicated to all Qatar expats who is still trapped with the limited information in obtaining resident/work visa.

If any of the above procedures would you like to elaborate more, feel free to comment down below and let us establish a working and learning process throughout this post.Once you have successfully enrolled in the CEID system, the company shall proceed with the registration of your official resident permit through online Government portal or manual application.An employment contract must be furnished in 3 copies (for you, for your company, and for the Labour Department).(for those handling a tourist, business, family visa, special requirements shall be asked for you to proceed in acquiring a work visa.The requirements are the following: Your company PRO shall process all necessary proceedings for your work visa.If you are holding a different type of visa such as tourist, business or family visa, you need to transfer it first to work visa.

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