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The Panel Adjudicators read all of the correspondence and viewed the program in question.The Panel concludes that VRAK did not violate Articles 10(a) or 11 of the regarding classification.

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is a program in which young women give their opinions on a variety of subjects. Bastarache: There are objects where you say, “What is that? Ethier: An orange cone which you sit on to make it disappear. Morin: I don’t know if it’s for giving high-fives, you know?

VRAK broadcast an episode of the program on May 26, 2017 at pm during which one of the subjects discussed was sex shops. Caron: The weirdest thing I’ve ever seen in a sex shop is a silicone forearm! [showing her forearm] Morin: [showing her forearm] I don’t know what you do with that. […] Caron: I like to think it’s, like, to give yourself a high-five when you’ve done something nice.

[…] , Clause 11 – Viewer Advisories To assist consumers in making their viewing choices, when programming includes mature subject matter or scenes with nudity, sexually explicit material, coarse or offensive language, or other material susceptible of offending viewers, broadcasters shall provide a viewer advisory a) at the beginning of, and after every commercial break during the first hour of programming telecast in late viewing hours which contains such material which is intended for adult audiences, or b) at the beginning of, and after every commercial break during programming telecast outside of late viewing hours which contains such material which is not suitable for children.

Suggested language for suitable viewer advisories is outlined in Appendix A [of the Code].

Did VRAK breach its responsibility with respect to logger files?

Scheduling of Sexual Content The complainant’s primary concern was the fact that this broadcast contained sexual content, which, according to him, should not have been broadcast before pm.

The complainant characterized the episode as [translation] “inappropriate, vulgar with a sexual connotation (rating 13 years and older) on a station for young people at a time when children are watching television.” He suggested that this content should not have been broadcast before pm.

VRAK responded to the complainant on June 16 with the following explanation: [translation] However, please note that since autumn 2016, VRAK has decided to undergo a makeover and change its target audience.

[…] The episode in question does not show any sexual activity and, although it deals with the subject of sex shops, the conversations never describe in detail any sexual activity.

With respect to the language, one word considered vulgar was censored; other than that, there was no coarse language used.

Children under 13 may be admitted only if accompanied by an adult.

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