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Simple rules and straightforward gameplay make it easy to pick up for everyone.Solitaire has been part of Windows for more than 25 years, and the Microsoft Solitaire Collection makes it the best experience to date with five different card games in one: Klondike This version is the timeless classic that many people just call "Solitaire." Try to clear all the cards from the table using one or three-card draw, while using traditional scoring or the Vegas scoring system.Please note that this thread is purely a user-based effort.

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Xbox Live Integration Sign in with your Microsoft account to earn achievements, compete with your friends on the leaderboards, and track your personal gameplay statistics.

If you sign in with a Microsoft account, your progress is stored in the cloud so you can play the game on any device without missing a beat!

Check out the new look and feel of Microsoft Solitaire Collection on Windows 10!

Solitaire remains the most played computer game of all time, and for good reason.

Playing BI online requires version 1.6 of Barbarian Invasion.

As noted below, Patch 1.6 ONLY applies to Barbarian Invasion.

Complete enough Daily Challenges in a month to earn badges and compete with your friends.

Star Club Even more challenges arranged in collections and packs you can unlock by earning stars.

Brand new feature: Guaranteed solvable decks where you can choose the difficulty in Klondike, Spider, and Free Cell!

We also added an Event Calendar so you can see what events are upcoming and go back and view previous events that you participated in.

It has come to our attention that the space requirement test on installation always checks the C: drive for space rather than the target drive directory.

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