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No Script selectively, and non-intrusively, blocks all scripts, plug-ins, and other code on Web pages that could be used to attack your system during visits" (Rich Mogull on Tid BITS, Should Mac Users Run Antivirus Software? 11/06/2007, Douglas Crockford, world-famous Java Script advocate and developer of JSON (one of the building blocks of Web 2.0), recommends using No Script.

03/16/2007, SANS Internet Storm Center, the authoritative source of computer security related wisdom, runs a front-page Ongoing interest in Javascript issues diary entry by William Stearns just to say "Please, use No Script" :) Actually, No Script has been recommended several times by SANS, but it's nice to see it mentioned in a dedicated issue, rather than as a work-around for specific exploits in the wild.

First of all, take down her pinafore by pulling that streak on her back.

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Oracle's SPARC-based systems are some of the most scalable, reliable, and secure products available today.

Sun's prized software portfolio has continued to develop as well, with new releases of Oracle Solaris, My SQL, and the recent introduction of Java 7.

Just select the mode and watch those alien arms to arouse Ayane. Description Well, there are some cool anime and hentai porn pics in this adult flash animation. But the song in the background gets very annoying after a while.

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