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" check, which connects to the TCP port, sends some request, and gets a basic response back.

However, since masscan has it's own TCP stack, it'll interfere with the operating system's TCP stack if they are sharing the same IPv4 address.

One of the things that keeps coming up periodically is people saying 'don't force-quit i OS apps, it's a bad idea'.

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Since this complicates the lives of distributions and the people preparing packages, it's not something that they're likely to undertake casually.

In fact, distributions are probably not likely to undertake it at all unless the developers of the new package actively try to push for it, or unless (and until) the programs in the old package become clearly broken and basically force themselves to be replaced.

The masscan program still sees everything before the packet-filter, but the operating system can't see anything after the packet-filter.

Note that we are talking about the "packet-filter" firewall feature here.

(I'm generously assuming here that the old package is truly abandoned and everyone agrees that it has to go sometime.

If there are people who want it to stay, you have additional problems.) All of this is the consequence of there being multiple Linux distributions that will make different decisions and that Linux distributions are developed independently from each other and from the upstream packages.

Namely, when the operating system creates outgoing connections, it randomly chooses a source port within a certain range.

We want to use masscan to use source ports in a different range.

So here is an incomplete list of reasons why I end up force-quitting i OS apps: What strikes me about these different reasons I have for force-quitting apps is how they'd be hard to provide in distinct app UIs or system UIs.

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