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Movable Type for AWS is an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) including the OS in which Movable Type 6 was installed and available on AWS Marketplace.

You can purchase and launch the latest versions of Movable Type quickly and easily.

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This guarantee shall not apply to open source codes included in the Software, if any.

If, during the term of this Agreement, any object which violates the guarantee hereunder, other than the open source codes, is found to be included in the Software, Six Apart shall make any reasonable commercial efforts to alter or replace the Software, at the cost of Six Apart, so that the Software may comply with the guarantee set out herein, without prejudice to any primary function of the Software, as the only legally available relief.

Further, it is prohibited to share a login name of any individual among more than one person.

(2) Commenter "Commenter" means a User entitled only to post comments on the Software.

The use of the Software shall be limited to the number of Users and the number of Servers set forth in this Agreement. For the avoidance of doubt, any rights to the Software not specifically licensed hereunder shall be reserved by Six Apart. Technical Support, Maintenance (1) Technical supports for the Software shall be provided by a partner company of Six Apart for value.

The Client shall enter into a separate agreement with such partner company of Six Apart on an individual basis concerning the contents of technical supports.There is a wealth of information here to make your nightly activities far more productive, naughty & fun!Most of the bars here are foreign owned, but the quality and experience of each can be VERY different.This Agreement shall constitute an entire agreement between the Client and Six Apart, and the Client shall use the Software in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement. (8) To the extent not significantly prejudice the benefit of the Client, the Client shall acknowledge that Six Apart may amend or modify this Agreement without consent of the Client.This Agreement shall supersede any and all agreements prior to the execution of this Agreement. (9) Titles and numbers of Articles, Paragraphs and Items of this Agreement shall be for convenience purposes only, and they shall not have any legal effects.The Client shall cause any User to adhere to the conditions of this Agreement and acknowledge that any violation of this Agreement by such User shall be deemed as a violation by the Client. Prohibited Matters The Client shall be prohibited to commit the acts specified in each Item below: (1) To distribute any software derived from the Software (provided, however, that, distribution of plug-ins and other add-ins written by using API and any other programming interfaces published by Six Apart shall be permitted); (2) To duplicate the Software otherwise than set out in this Agreement; (3) To perform reverse engineering, decompiling or disassembling concerning the Software, or otherwise try to restructure or clarify source code or algorithm for the Software; (4) To make available the Software, whole or part, or any duplicate thereof, to any third party in the form of sale, assignment, grant of a license, disclosure, distribution to such third party or otherwise; (5) To use the Software for the purpose of providing hosting services to any other party or providing services to any other individual, corporation, entity or organization which renders, as business, services relating to the Internet or systems, etc., with or without consideration; (6) To delete or modify any display authority or trademark on the Software. Protection of Personal Information and Privacy All personal information furnished by the Client to Six Apart shall be controlled in accordance with the Privacy Policy published on the website https://

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