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The Tuscaloosa, Alabama, City Board of Education temporarily suspended teacher Scott Johnson without pay and sent him to sensitivity training for his 'Obama, you're fired' display the day after the election, saying it violated the board's policy prohibiting partisan political activity in the classroom.

Johnson, in a statement, said he made 'an error in good professional judgment.'The Dallas Independent School District placed art teacher Payal Modi on administrative leave after her video with the water gun.

I set the table,' the Glencoe-Silver Lake High School social studies teacher said.

'It's up to those kids to make up their mind.' At West Chicago Community High School, government teacher Mary Ellen Daneels goes to the other extreme, and won't give up her personal political beliefs even when regularly pressed by students. 'They'll come to me and say, "OK, when I graduate, can I Facebook message you and you'll tell me what your partisanship is?

Program director at the University of Wisconsin's Center for Ethics and Education, Paula Mc Avoy, said: 'There's a general belief in the public that teachers shouldn't be using their classroom as a soapbox but there's a ton of variation on what's allowed and what's not allowed.' She's seen everything from prohibitions on political statements and buttons to no policies whatsoever.

Mc Avoy contends shying away from political discussions in the classroom isn't the answer because schools should offer a place for young people to consider differences, challenge assumptions and form their own opinions.Some administrators across the country have taken a hard line.Other educators around the country take different stands on the topic, with many teachers offering up their political opinions, and others keeping their mouths tightly sealed.An Alabama district fielded complaints for a teacher's 'Obama, you're fired! And a Texas art teacher was given sensitivity training after a video caught him shooting a squirt gun at an image of Trump, and yelling, 'die!'Education experts say teachers should be careful not to shape their students' beliefs for them, but it has become a flash-point at a time when students are more passionate than ever about current events, and have asked their teachers what they think.Teaching current events in the age of Donald Trump has prompted a debate among educators: Is it ever OK for teachers to offer up their viewpoints?

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