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Seen here is the 28-acre NSA facility outside Baltimore, Maryland ‘The program described by the New York Times involves a breathtaking invasion of millions of people's privacy,’ American Civil Liberties Union deputy legal director Jameel Jaffer said in a statement.

‘The NSA has cast a massive dragnet over Americans' international communications, collecting and monitoring virtually all of them, and retaining some untold number of them in government databases.

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By identifying the recipient of the emails or text messages as the target of the surveillance instead of the sender, the NSA sidesteps a 2008 law that allows spying on domestic soil without warrants as long as the target was a noncitizen abroad.‘To conduct the surveillance,’ reads the report, ‘the NSA.

is temporarily copying and then sifting through the contents of what is apparently most e-mails and other text-based communications that cross the border…[the] computer searches the data for the identifying keywords or other “selectors” and stores those that match so that human analysts could later examine them.’ More convenient: According to the New York Times, the agency searches virtually all emails sent from Americans to recipients overseas.

This is precisely the kind of generalized spying that the Fourth Amendment was intended to prohibit.’ Though it was previously known the NSA targets Americans with known terrorist associations, new evidence shows the agency is far less discriminating as it combs messages for names and emails related to its targets ‘The government's scrutiny of virtually every international email sent by Americans will have extraordinary consequences for free expression,’ wrote Jaffer.

‘Americans will inevitably hesitate to discuss controversial topics, visit politically sensitive websites or interact with foreigners with dissenting views. collects only what it is explicitly authorized to collect,’ said NSA spokeswoman Judith A. ‘Moreover, the agency’s activities are deployed only in response to requirements for information to protect the country and its interests.’Emmel did not directly address the surveillance of cross-border communications, but did stress that surveillance carried out by the agency is intended to gather information about 'foreign powers and their agents, foreign organizations, foreign persons or international terrorists' and not about American citizens.

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