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On December 24, 2014 @ 1AM I received a ticket for talking on the phone.

I showed the officer my phone which indicated no activity and included that my vehicle was totally hands free with voice capabilities.

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I set the phone on the counter and I walked out of the Store.

You can have the phone and the number and the bill I paid for the month because I had to go to ATNT and buy the same phone and get a new number and I have spent a few hundred dollars for the exact same thing as I had just purchased from you few months ago.

I was completely shocked at the rudeness and the manner in which I have been spoken to.

I’m an Adult woman who is 50 years old and this kid named José had so much Hostility towards me, I have never had any luck with the store and the last time I was in there a young girl stood and popped her bubble gum in my face.

Why is there no means to access my history particularly when I paid a fee for the service to maintain my history records.

In addition, why am I not able to get a printout upon request from the account holder?

Metro PCS was the 6th largest wireless network in the US with 9.5 million subscribers.

Although the company is a Delaware corporation, the Metro PCS corporate office is located in Richardson, Texas.

Girl working counter told me my phone wouldn’t work. I was told that Metro PCS is refusing to release my phone number that was illegally ported back to T-Mobile. It is outrageous that it was so easy for an imposter to have my number ported out than it is for me to get my own phone number back.

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