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We’ve updated the rules for the Network and for #theden.

Also added are an explanation for What PG Means on our network and Moderation Guidelines.

These are general non-furry terms but are useful to understand in this context.

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To do so successfully achieves in many babyfurs a comforting, secure or blissful feeling.

Various paraphernalia help to satisfy these preferences: Many babyfurs enjoy wearing all sorts of clothing. Such articles of clothing include the following : Overalls, Shortalls, Booties, Dresses, Onesies, Pajamas, Pants, Footed sleepers, Mittens, Bows Many male babyfurs find they enjoy being dressed as little girls as well, and are sometimes called sissyfurs.

This community is private and requires registration.

Babyfur trolling/bashing is not tolerated and will result in immediate ban.

A toddler's life is not complete without items such as cribs, walkers, strollers, high chairs, car seats/booster seats, pacifiers, baby bottles/sippy cups, talcum powder and bubble baths.

Many babyfurs use these objects in online roleplay and would love to be able to use them in the real world.If you have an interest in that or fantasy animal characters, then this might be a great network for you! Think of Furry4Life like a Facebook, but everyone on the network is a furry. Even ads, when we have them (rare), are for the furry community. There are many different types of furs in the babyfur community, each focusing on different aspects and roles.Like furry in general, babyfur culture involves a good amount of role-playing (either light or heavy), both online and in the real world.We are one of the only furry sites that focus on the offline life of furries.

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