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That alone is more annoying than anything by itself.

Also i highly dislike being notified of every single person getting on live....

Now about live I like it but it does a lot of buffering on my phone is there any way I can get live on my desktop or laptop it would be a lot better for me.

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Let's say in this situation your fan is running and you hit a mud hole and suddenly the fan demands an amperage of 20A.

The stock fuse is either 10A or 15A (depends on model). However, you very likely will not notice that it's blown until you see your overheat indicator turn on.

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The Arctic Cat line (with the exception of some Mud Pros) use fuses in their fuse box. Well, while it's true that the fuse will blow when an amperage load that exceeds it's rating is applied to that particular circuit, the question remains "What now? More specifically, what do you do if this happens out riding or otherwise away from your garage?

Sure, you may have spare fuses but if it blew a fuse once, the root cause may very well present itself once again and blow the replacement fuse you put in.

Power is defined as P=I*V....where Power is "P", Current is "I" and Voltage is "V".

Since the voltage remains constant (12V /-) this means that the current (amperage) needs to be increased in order to gain that extra demand in power.

If that fan is running and you get into some mud or deeper water, the mud/water will hit the fan blades which places more resistance on the motor.

This, in turn, causes the motor to draw more power to spin at the same speed.

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