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Actually, taking that approach with any woman is the first step on a very bad trip.

If you don't remember anything else from this short article, buddy, you would do well to remember that.

Touching on the subject with ‘Good Evening Ghana’ show host, Paul Adom Otchere, a Ghanaian student in Cyprus, Eduak Emmanuel disagreed with Moesha’s comments suggesting that a woman cannot necessarily refuse to offer sex to her ‘sponsor’ when he demands for fear that he may think she is cheating.

She insists, that unless the individual involved is a child who is not in their right thinking sense, she sees no reason why a mature adult will insist on having sex with a woman when she is not up for it for one reason or the other.

Ghana is a large producer of cannabis for both domestic and international consumption.

And has a serious problem with crime, but all in all it's considered one of the safest of the West African countries and it's easier to travel to than many West African nations.

, the number of enraged Ghanaians who have ‘bashed’ actress and model Moesha Boduong, following her ‘sex for cash’ comments on CNN’s ‘Sex and Love Around the World series’.

Moesha in an interview with CNN’s Christine Amanpour said that Ghana’s economy is such that a woman needs someone to take care of her because they cannot make enough money as it is without the intervention of these men, a comment that obviously struck a wrong nerve for many Ghanaians.

However, they are a big corporate introduction site, so be careful about scammers over there.

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