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fired James Damore shortly after the engineer’s internal screed against affirmative action at the company went viral.

Monday, Damore sued Google for illegally discriminating against whites, males, and conservatives, demonstrating that the company cannot rid itself of its controversy-courting former employee so easily.

Damore’s complaint includes 86 pages of screenshots from internal Google discussion forums, presented as evidence of alleged “anti-conservative” and “anti-Caucasian” bias, or Google’s alleged support for political violence (such as Nazi-punching).

However, Damore filed a complaint with the National Labor Relations Board in August before he was fired, which some lawyers say can prevent the suit from getting thrown out of court.

Damore himself said little at the press conference.

He was asked about his memo’s emphasis on biology, but evaded the question.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai mentioned Damore’s argument about biology in his note about why Damore was fired.

Google’s leadership is 75 percent male and 68 percent white.

The company is facing a Department of Labor investigation and a private lawsuit claiming that it discriminates against women in pay, and promotion.

It also argues that Google employees with conservative views are shamed, blacklisted, and denied opportunities because they deviate from Google’s liberal orthodoxy. Google’s overall workforce is 69 percent male and 56 percent white, according to the company’s most recent diversity report.

Google’s technical employees are 80 percent male and 53 percent white.

Damore cited contested science from evolutionary psychology to claim that women are less interested and suited to the tasks.

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