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Until the Late Period many pairs of strips were spliced together end to end and twisted into rove, which was then spun into thread .

Egyptian spinners often used two spindles simultaneously, with balls of flax roves lying on the ground or in low containers, which served as a sort of distaff.

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According to the caption: It is yours what is in your two arms to clothe your body.

The two workers just on the left are making torsions with the flax producing a primitive rope with which to tie the flax bales.

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Flax fibres are among the longest and strongest of all natural fibres used by man.

They even gain in strength when wet due to a high pectin content which acts like a glue under moist conditions.

In Africa, the Middle Stone Age toolkits sometimes include blades and other types of archeological evidence (beads and artifacts that indicate the use of color and symbols) that are typical of the Upper Paleolithic in Europe.

Flax has been used in the Middle East since the fifth millennium BCE.

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Between about 400,000 and 200,000 years ago, the pace of innovation in stone technology began to accelerate very slightly.

They dry quickly and resist decay better than most other natural fibres.

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