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This is in part due to the fact that less people can be tested.

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“Our doctor assistants have almost become police officers.

We know this is happening because everyone uses the same story when they call us.

These rules and costs give big incentives to people to make up symptoms, lie about their age or exaggerate their sexual past.

Some GGD’s inform the NOS that people openly admit to this once they are accepted into to the consultation.

Robbie regularly visits the Dutch Area Health Authority (locally known as Gemeentelijke Gezondheids Dienst or GGD abbreviated) to get an STD test.

Every time he makes up a fake story so he doesn’t have to pay.The story apparently has been doing the rounds at students’ guilds.” Did you know that it is not mandatory for prostitutes in the Netherlands to get tested on STD’s?Everyone in the Netherlands can decide for themselves whether he or she would like to get tested on STD’s or not.You often have to pay your own bill if you get tested there because of the obligatory deductible that comes with health insurance in Holland.The bill for an STD test can run up to 200 Euro and doing the test at your general practitioner is of course less anonymous.That is a fundamental right and therefore it also applies for prostitutes and their customers.

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