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Sort Users: This option changes the list view of all the users in your room.

You have the option of sorting it alphabetically or by number of tokens.

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You can choose from the following: This is useful for cleaning up the chat box.

It also allows you to focus on the people who are more likely to tip you while ignoring freeloaders.

If you promote someone to a moderator, they’ll be able to silence, kick and ban members of your chatroom. Moderators can help regulate the chatroom and kick potential trouble-makers on your behalf.

Notify On Entry For: Sets the chat room notifications for people entering your room.

Here you can configure what the highest token color is.

There are eight different color codes and each one lets you know a little bit more about the users.

Chaturbate model Zoe Xrydher gives a video tutorial on the Chaturbate chatroom settings.

Chaturbate allows models to tweak a ride range of settings in their chatrooms.

Camming is all about being personal with the other users, and you want to make sure that you’re focusing on the right people; your loyal fans and potential tippers.

Adjusting the chat settings is a great way to only focus on the valuable members.

You can tell how much the users tip, which ones have tokens, which ones don’t have tokens, who your fan club members are and if there’s other broadcasters in your room.

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