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You cannot go wrong following these three simple steps.If’ you’ve felt frustrated, confused, at wit’s end, not knowing where to turn r how to figure this out, try my dating advice.these tips for how not to take dating so seriously will help you stay on the path to finding the love you dream of with a wonderful man who will cherish you.

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When I was dating to find love, sometimes I was seeing up to three or four guys at a time. So I gave them nicknames to make them easier to identify.

I followed this strategy since I never knew which man would call and ask me out again. One thing I noticed was sharing these stories with my girlfriends got really confused! One worked for the post office so his nickname was easy – The Postman.

You might be surprised to hear this but these are signals you are taking dating way too seriously!

I understand how hard dating is – I won’t deny or sugar coat it. But it also can be more fun than you think is possible.

A first date is nothing more than a sorting process to see if you both feel the other person is worth seeing again. If he doesn’t want to see you again – there are plenty more men!

Stop making such a big deal out of every first date – it’s exhausting makes dating too emotionally draining.This caused me to get prematurely attached to men who had not proven themselves to me as having real romantic partner potential. So I went out with multiple men during a week and that prevented me from overthinking about any one guy!That’s why dating more than one man at a time was a tremendous help! Instead of fretting over when a man would ask me out again, I improved my odds of finding a compatible man by juggling several at the same time.Sometimes your heart gets bruised by the bumpy road of dating.You decide you need time off to recover, which makes things even harder to get started again later.Think about it – you are over-valuing an hour or 90-minutes out of one day of your life!

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