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As a student, the sub learns how to please the Dom, and when done, expects to be rewarded by the Dom.

Likewise, when not done or done incorrectly, the sub expects to be corrected and shown the right way to act.

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It might be that you’re a high-flying businessman or someone with a lot of responsibility and find this a great way to relax.

Whatever the reason, dominance is a great way to really let go and give yourself over to a sexual experience where someone else is giving the orders.

The slave is a higher gradient of submissiveness in D/s.

A slave's primary purpose in life is to serve the needs and desires of the Master.

"To be sure, the slave serves; the Master receives.

But that does not mean that the slave has no sense of self, or self-worth.

As the lover, the Dom is loving and, when appropriate, stern.

He must recognize that he is the only source of pleasure for the sub. The Dom should, when appropriate, be gentle, supportive, and tender to the sub.

Although it may seem through outward appearances that all the power in the relationship flows from the Dom or Master to the sub or slave, this is somewhat misleading.

The players in a D/s relationship, no matter which side they are on, are equals to a certain degree. The Dom may have ultimate authority, but the sub is the one who initiates most actions.

If punishment is required to stop a destructive action by the sub, then it comes from the Dom.

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